Storage Facilities

Pro Movers offers to store customers’ personal belongings at Pro Movers secure and convenient storage facilities, and will keep them safe and secure until customer’s new venue is ready. There are two types of storage facilities, namely air-conditioned storage and non-air-conditioned storage. If valuable items such as oil paintings or other valuables that may get damaged in the humidity and heat of our country, Pro Movers suggests customers to opt for the air-condition storage facility. For valuables such as wooden furniture, wax candles and many others, Pro Movers would suggest that customers opt for the non-air-conditioned storage facility as cold temperatures could damage these items.

Packing Material Used

Pro Movers only uses packing products and materials of the highest quality. Pro Movers uses the right packing supplies and materials to protect customers’ valuables from being damaged.

The more valuable the item, the more care is put into the packaging of the item and will be handled with optimum care and protected with the best quality inner-packing materials despite being placed carefully into suitable cardboard cartons and boxes. Clothing items will be packed into suitable wardrobe boxes, which will be suitable for both folded clothes and linen.

All items will be properly labelled and inventoried before being loaded onto our moving trucks. During the packing, moving and unpacking stage, staff at Pro Movers will use a specialized set of materials in order to protect your floors, staircases and other areas of your home from being damaged in any way.