Quotation Process
Pro Movers quotes customers based on the distance of the move from their Current address and Destination address. To determine the exact amount in the quote Pro Movers usually make appointments to do survey beforehand at the current address or if customers have crunch time customers may send item list together with pictures via email or WhatsApp to make things quicker and easier. In addition, the total amount will be quoted after determining the volume of the boxes used based on the item list, amount of lorries required, amount & cost of packing materials and number of manpower needed.
Move Process
Pro Movers will deliver the boxes in advance to the current address, depending on the days required for the move. Items will be grouped, dissembled, wrapped, packed and labelled accordingly. Items will be loaded onto the trucks and will be unpacked and assembled in the destination address and place the items in desired places.
Payment Terms
50% of the upfront payment from the total will be collected. The payment should be made before the date of the move and the balance payment will be collected after the complete move. Payment can be made in cash term, banking and cheque (full payment).