Pro Movers is always ready to present their resources and expertise even though it’s a small move required by a small and medium enterprise (SME) moving across town or a move required by a multinational corporation (MNC) moving across the country. Packing team will arrive prepared on the day of the move. Electronic equipment will be packed and handled with special care whereas other electronic gadgets will be packed into specially-designed boxes. Pro Movers professionally dismantles and assembles the furniture required before and after the move when it comes to packaging and transporting of furniture, while heavy-duty furniture and equipment will be handled by a specialized team of movers. Packed boxes will be loaded into and transported from the original site to the next destination safely, and will then be unpacked by the Pro Movers team if wanted. After the delivery operation, Pro Movers will recollect the packing materials for recycling.
Pro Movers has a well-known reputation among previous customers who have been more than satisfied with our provided services. Pro Movers advises customers to get a head start on the packing, as it can never be anticipated how long the packing process can take. Besides that, if any of the items or equipments need to be dismantled, Pro Movers also provides the services. Customers are also advised to pack according to room and also ensure that each box is labelled with the content details as well as which room the boxes belong in whether doing some of the packing themselves or leaving it to the specialists. Pro Movers provides the necessary supplies for fragile and valuable items. Delicate items are packed with clean tissue paper, bubble wrap and crates in order to protect the items. Boxes are also provided for packing if requested by customer.

In addition, door to door services and packing/unpacking for bulky items are also provided.

Crucial parts of a commercial move are the On-Site Commercial Move Estimate. Our trained and experienced crew will prepare a detailed inventory list of all departments and offices that are going to be moved and also arrange pre-move meetings with available employees besides prepare a written moving offer for the cost of the commercial moving services. Besides that, our staff will prepare and state the estimated time needed to complete each step of the moving process.
Pro Movers also provides a free commercial moving estimate for commercial move beside provide crates, boxes, furniture dollies, furniture pads, wall covering and many others. A moving coordinator will also be assigned to your corporate relocation in order to ensure that only high quality commercial moving services are provided to our customers.
Safe boxes are known to be extremely heavy and a hassle to move because it is extremely tricky and difficult so leave it to the experts here at Pro Movers! Therefore, customers are advised to empty out their safe before the moving so that during the process of maneuvering the safe down staircases, around corners and onto the moving truck, there is likely to be a whole lot of movement and bumping, which may cause unnecessary damage to the content of the safe. Once the safe has been emptied of its contents Movers will use the appropriate equipment and materials to move the safe box.

It also applicable to move the safe box/ fireproof safe without emptying if requested by customer.


Pianos are extremely heavy, fragile and valuable, and very important to customers. Therefore, we highly recommend leaving this job to Pro Movers.

Moving process:

1. Protection of the lid
Firstly, lid of the piano will be closed and locked. Tape is not utilized to keep the lid closed since it may damage the piano surface.

2. Wrapping of the piano
Piano(s) will be wrapped with proper padding, especially the corners of the pianos, and secured with packing tape.

3. Lifting of the piano
During the lift and move, the piano, will be in an upright position as laying it on its side is not good for its mechanics.

4. Securing the piano
The piano is placed at the back of our moving truck and wooden planks will be utilized to ensure a levelled base for the piano, to lessen the pressure on the piano legs.

5. Moving in
Customers need to let our staff know where exactly the piano needs to be placed because each time a piano is moved, it will need to be tuned.

Upon approval, Pro Movers will provide customers a day of when to pick vehicle(s) and deliver them. In case the dates don’t work for customers, the vehicle(s) will be safely stored until it is collected by its rightful owners. A full inspection on vehicle(s) will be conducted with a descriptive report which requires customer’s signature. Pro Movers also suggests for our customers to carefully inspect their own vehicle(s) and clear out their car completely, ensuring that there aren’t any tools, valuable or personal items left in the vehicle as we won’t take responsibility for any loose items left in the vehicle. Lastly, once the vehicle(s) have been delivered to the customer, we will ensure that they refer back to the initial inspection report and conduct a thorough inspection once again to rule out any damaged or missing items.
A head supervisor will be assigned from Pro Movers to ensure that all of your IT equipment is packed and moved swiftly, safely and efficiently, ensuring minimum downtime, damage and disruption despite the size or complexity of the move.

Pro Movers ensures that none of the equipment will be left unattended from the time it is taken into our care to the moment it is delivered to the new location. All parts and equipment will be kept together safely. IT equipment will be packed and secured safely into our custom-built cases. Once carefully packed, these cases will then be safely loaded onto moving trucks and secured to make sure that no damage is caused to the equipment. Upon arrival, our team will also assist in unpacking all of the IT goods.

Pro Movers is not responsible for the disconnection of wires, cables and electronics. Customers need to get their IT specialists to execute the disconnections. Despite that, server rack and server should be separated before the move for safety purposes.

Fine art collections are known to be among the most valuable art works in the world. Whether they are oil paintings, sculptures or statues, Pro Movers knows how to handle and move these valuable art collections safely. In order to ensure optimum protection for fine art, Pro Movers take packing very seriously using different types of packing techniques.
Wooden crating for most valuable artwork such as paintings, sculptures and statues will be provided. Oil paintings on the other hand will be covered in acid-free glassine paper before being placed carefully in a crate.
Once packaged, the fine art will be loaded onto the moving truck and will be placed in the safest way to ensure that no harm is done to the fine art. Then, it will be transported in the safest manner to its next destination, and will be unloaded by our staff. Then Pro Movers will break open the crates and place fine art safely. Customers will be required to check their fine art carefully and mark off the inventory.
Pro Movers also specializes in providing support to transport whatever requested items from our customer’s original place to wherever designated location. Despite that, we also have our specialized team to set up the event/exhibition as per requested/instructed by customer. Throughout the years, we have contributed in the coordination’s part making numerous effective occasions crosswise over Malaysia with our solid group of experienced team who has expertise and knowledge of many events and exhibitions routes, procedures, designated delivery loading and unloading point. Moreover, all goods/items will be packed and delivered to the requested location after the Exhibition/Event Move. This will allow customer’s demand to be carried without flop, on time and to guarantee occasions to be executed in a smooth, structured and hassle-free manner.
We provide professional and secured Manpower services to companies for internal and warehouse move. Our staffs at Pro Movers have been specially trained and are skilled when it comes to packing/unpacking and moving processes. Whether you need manpower supply for a move or packing service, our staffs at Pro Movers are more than ready to help out in any way they can.

Quotation Process
Pro Movers quotes customers based on the distance of the move from their Current address and Destination address. To determine the exact amount in the quote Pro Movers usually make appointments to do survey beforehand at the current address or if customers have crunch time customers may send item list together with pictures via email or WhatsApp to make things quicker and easier. In addition, the total amount will be quoted after determining the volume of the boxes used based on the item list, amount of lorries required, amount & cost of packing materials and number of manpower needed.

Move Process
Pro Movers will deliver the boxes in advance to the current address, depending on the days required for the move. Items will be grouped, dissembled, wrapped, packed and labelled accordingly. Items will be loaded onto the trucks and will be unpacked and assembled in the destination address and place the items in desired places.

Payment terms
50% of the upfront payment from the total will be collected. The payment should be made before the date of the move and the balance payment will be collected after the complete move. Payment can be made in cash term, banking and cheque (full payment).